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Good Evening Everyone 🙂

My name is Ambrea Windom

I decided to create my own food blog because I want other people to know what food I eat and how it reflect on my daily lifestyle.

The values of my posts are about the typical food I eat during a week here in college.

I love food. I love cooking. I love restaurants. I love anything, food.

My diet and food perspective is being me. I eat what I want even sometimes I know it’s not healthy for me and I don’t know why I still eat food that is unhealthy for me.

Maybe I need to look more into food diet to know why I don’t.


Good Evening,

It’s about 6:30pm and I just finished eating my dinner and I seen that they had dessert out.

So I decided that I wanted some chocolate cake

Ever! This is really the best, most moist, most rich , most chocolatiest  cake I have ever tasted here in the dining hall 🙂

I know there are other chocolate cakes out there that claim to be the best but I don’t think there is one better than this one!

I love chocolate cake it is so yummy and delicious!

Snack Time 🙂

One night I’m downstairs on the computer doing a  homework assignment &,

It’s 12:02 am and my stomach starts to growl so I decide to go get a small snack from the store.

I’m eating some fruit snacks and a bottle of water

I heard that if you eat after 8pm is bad?

Grasp! I know, I’m breaking the rules of eating after 8pm

I’m hungry so I had to eat something

Good midnight snack !

Dorm food is infamous for being unhealthy. Ever heard of the Freshman 15?

The dining halls have a plethora of food to choice from but none of them are like having a good home cooked meal with my family.

The dining halls here on campus usually have a fresh salad and fruit bar and a deli with every meal.

Usually freshman at college intent to gain about 15 pounds just from eating dining hall foods.

I get tired of eating in the dining halls because there not home-cooked meals like I have at home with my family.

The food is just not healthy for you and have lots of fats, sodium and etc. But some food in the dining halls are healthy.

Good Evening,

When I go eat I have a hard time deciding what to drink. Should I drink pop, juice or water?

Water is the health choice when to comes to choosing the type of beverage I will drink for my meals.

I usually try to drink at least one or two glasses of water a day

But sometimes water is not always what I want to drink.

Raspberry tea is one of my favorite types of juice to drink when I’m eating lunch

I rarely drink soda/pop but when I do drink it i would usually drink Wild Cherry Pepsi

It’s good to drink water, and juice but pop is the last beverage that is intent to drink while eating a meal.

Good Evening,

Last week I was with my friends and we was just sitting around talking. Then we decided that we were all hungry so we decided to go to McDonald’s for dinner.

Usually fast food generally isn’t the best choice in terms of nutrients eat but I was hungry and I wanted a good meal something that was not from the dining halls food I know fast food is not the health choice but there’s nothing wrong with having it once an awhile

I would go for something off their dollar menu, but this time I decide to try something new: The McBistro Chicken Sandwich!

My dinner meal consist of a McBistro Chicken Sandwich, a medium fry with ketchup and a large sweet tea!

Yummy 🙂

Hello all you early morning birds  🙂

I’ve never understood people who don’t eat breakfast. We have heard time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet many people don’t eat it.

Having breakfast at the beginning of the day will make me have a good, pleasant day. I just love breakfast time.

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day.

Every Monday morning I have to go to the dining hall to have my morning breakfast.

My favorite breakfast is a bowl of my favorite cereal Golden Graham’s, a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, a bowl of some type of fruit. For my drink in the morning time is having a lovely a cup of good orange juice.


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